The Timeless Foresight Of

Ancient Sage Kings

Applied To Modern Portfolio Management

Kingdom Investment Managers is a HK based investment manager focusing on Asian Securities. We specialize in providing custom investment solutions to professional investors. We are licensed by the SFC of HK to conduct Advising On Securities (Type 4) and Asset Management (Type 9) regulated activities.


Our core values stem from the astute insight of the legendary monarchs from four great ancient kingdoms.

  • WEALTHWEALTHCroesus of the Kingdom of Lydia(595 BC - 546 BC)
  • KNOWLEDGEKNOWLEDGEPtolemy I of the Kingdom of Egypt(367 BC - 282 BC)
  • PEOPLEPEOPLEYAO of the Kingdom of China(2324 BC - 2206 BC)
  • LAWLAWHammurabi of the Kingdom of Babylon(1810 BC - 1750 BC)


The most important resource of any asset management firm is its people. Kingdom Investment Managers employs only experienced, suitable and fully qualified professionals to manage our funds and service our clients.


Instead of traditional strategies like ‘Growth’ or ‘Value’, Kingdom Investment Managers uses a thematic investment strategy based upon Three Pillars Of Investment and the Fundamental Price Identity. 

  • Three Pillars Of Investment

    We identify the various themes driving prices in different market segments. We predict how these themes will develop and ascertain the most appropriate proxy investments to represent them. We scrutinize for other factors that may affect performance before investing.

  • Fundamental Price Identity

    Estimates of future results as well as historical accounts are examined in great detail before a bet is committed. In the stock vetting process we utilize our proprietary concept: the Fundamental Price Identity.

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